6 Zodiacs Who Choose To Stay Single

– hammerkickboxing


They want someone they can constantly learn from and go on endless trips with, and they’re not the type to settle for anything less.


Relationships aren’t a dire need for Capricorn. Above all else, they prioritize stability and would instead put all of their energy and focus on that. 


Aquarius is the most free-spirited and would take someone special to tie them down. They love who they are and embrace their most unique qualities. 


It takes a lot to get the attention of royalty, and that’s why Leo has the highest standards. They exude the most confidence and are known to be very self-assured. 


Aries are the most independent and can usually care for themselves more than half the time. They’re outspoken, outgoing, and usually know what they want.


Virgos live a stable and content life and don’t need anyone messing it up. They set high standards and can walk away when someone doesn’t meet them.



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