6 Best Egg White Recipes for Weight Loss

– hammerkickboxing

Egg White Muffins

There are plenty of muffin recipes that won't help you lose weight, especially the ones full of chocolate chips and sugar. 

Egg White Omelet

When it comes to egg white recipes, a classic go-to option is an egg white omelette with veggies.

Cobb Salad

Egg whites can play a crucial role as a quality salad topping and act as a substitution for other unhealthy ingredients commonly found in similar dishes.

Egg White Oatmeal

Most egg white recipes require egg whites straight from a cracked egg, but this one calls for liquid egg whites poured from a carton or other container. 

Egg White Frittata

However, whipping one up can still make you feel like a fancy chef, especially once it's finished on the plate.

Egg White Crepes

You don't have to travel to Paris to get great crepes! Instead, make them in your kitchen with this egg white crepe recipe.



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