5 Worst Late-Night Snacks

– hammerkickboxing


Most traditional pizza options offer significant fat and calorie amounts, which may contribute to weight gain if eaten in excess at snack time.

High-Sugar Cereals

Cereal can be a suitable snack prior to bedtime, but choose high-fiber, lower-sugar options.


Chips are one of the worst offenders at night because they contain very few nutrients: no fiber and no protein, with some fat from the oil. 


If you're not eating balanced meals throughout the day, it's no surprise your body wants sugar at night because it's the quickest form of energy.

Spicy Food

Eating spicy foods at bedtime can cause your heart rate to increase, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

Heartburn and gas don't go well with optimal sleep, so skip the wasabi peas and opt for some roasted chickpeas or edamame with sea salt.



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