5 Fiber Rich Foods That Are Excellent For Weight Loss

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There is a good chance that you are already cognizant of the elevated fiber content that oats possess.

Legumes And Lentils

One cup of cooked chickpeas provides 35 grams of fiber, while one cup of prepared lentils provides 16 grams.

Whole Grains

This will ensure that your chapattis, rice, and bread provide you with a steady supply of fiber during lunch or supper.  


Broccoli is an exceptionally high-fiber food, comprising 2.6 grams of fiber per 100 grams.

Flax Seeds

One seed that possesses a high fiber content is flax seed. One can incorporate pulverized flax seeds into batters for muffins, cakes, or

Flax Seeds

chapattis in order to maximize the nutritional benefits they provide. When pulverized into two tablespoons, flax seed provides four grams of fiber.



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